Growing up in the Far North Queensland town of Mossman was always going to inspire a love of the outdoors. A time when kids were allowed to get dirty, play in the rivers, creeks and cane fields, eat the mango from the trees, school shoes were optional and camping was the highlight of all your school holidays. Camping was then still basic Fire, Food, Family, Friends and usually a guitar. You carried in and out all that was needed and everyone had a swag, simpler times before powered sites, generators and tents that have 4 bedrooms, an en-suite, wardrobe space and family living area. The tales of these holiday exploits are still fondly remembered and laughed about whenever everyone is together slowly being passed to the next generation.


Fast forward 100 years or so and our own family has all grown up here on the beautiful Gold Coast where we have been lucky enough to create many memories of our own adventures with them. We have taken the decision to do something for ourselves something we love whilst still being young and active enough to enjoy it.


So we have the pleasure to introduce “Gone Walkabout” our goal is to provide quality made outdoor camping and hiking products and equipment stocked and supplied locally here in the Gold Coast to make your next families adventure a memory to be shared and laughed about in years to come. Our first product is to be the camping hammock simply named “The Mossman Gorge” as a reminder of where this all began.