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Tree Saver Straps Why?

As campers, hikers and just good old nature lovers of our beautiful, ruggedly stunning Aussie outdoors we all want to leave as little impact on the environment as possible.


Hammock camping is a step in the right direction. When suspending your hammock, using paracord or rope it causes problems. The round shape of rope suspension digs into the tree’s bark and can be terribly harmful it causes undue stress to our beautiful native trees and can cause wood tissue death. You also better hope your Boy Scout knot tying skills won’t land you in the dirt in the middle of the night.



We here at Gone Walkabout.co recommend that you use wide webbing tree saver straps. These tree saver straps have a wider flat area so that they won’t cut into the bark of the tree. With their excellent tree hugging capabilities Gone Walkabout Tree Straps are a 3 meter length 20 loop daisy-chain suspension system that allows the camper to quickly and safely hang their hammock from any tree, rock, post, or anchor point capable of bearing their weight.



Added bonus for using our Tree Straps is the 20 loop hanging points this makes them extremely easy to adjust so you are able to hang your Mossman Gorge hammock in minutes when you want to hangout. With their triple reflective stitching for easy night set up and no stretch technology they are the perfect hammock companion.


We can all contribute by making small adjustments when we set up camp. It’s also important to never screw or hammer anything into the tree or to use non-friendly tree material, like plastic zip ties. Leaving as small a footprint as possible is a perfect way for us to enjoy the native plant and wildlife of our gorgeous country and to make sure we leave it as we found it for all the future campers, hikers and nature lovers to come.

“The World Is Yours To Explore”


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