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Why we love our Hammocks

We here at GONE WALKABOUT love our hammocks. Now we aren’t saying that hammock camping is better then tent camping but it does make for a change and it certainly has its pros.

  • You will sleep better, so we think. You will fall asleep with a smile on your face and wake feeling happy and refreshed. By the time you get home to your normal bed you will be missing your hammock.


  • How often have you tossed and turned during the night when sleeping in a tent because of a rock or a tree root you didn’t see when you set up. Well no problems like that in your hammock. You will be sleeping like a baby in your hammock without a worry of what’s underneath you. You don’t even need perfectly spaced trees to hang your hammock, with our hammock hanging kit of rope and carabiner bundle you just need to adjust your hammock into the straps to accommodate the distance.


  • Ok, deep breath now. You are outside and it is easily the best reason to sleep in a hammock. There is nothing better than falling asleep breathing the free flowing air and gazing at the uninterrupted view of the stars above. As you wake you will spend the first few minutes marvelling at the sound of nature surrounding you as you catch the clouds drifting by and the birds flitting from tree to tree and last but certainly not least the spectacular sunrises you get to witness. All of this and you haven’t even left your bed / hammock.


  • You can still set your hammock up with all of the things you might think will be missing from tent camping as these days hammocks have all the wonderful accessories such as mosquito netting, tarps and mats just to get you started.


  • Surprise! Surprise! It’s a hammock and it’s not just a place to sleep. A hammock is a comfortable camp chair, a place to sit and cook your food, to hang out and tell jokes around the campfire or relax and read a book while swaying gently in the breeze as the day floats by. Take it with you on your day hikes(its light enough) take it on vacation (it packs down to nothing) take it on picnics or just hang it in the backyard and escape without going far.

Whatever you use your hammock for, you can REST assured you will love every minute of it. So grab yourself a hammock and find yourself delighted with your newfound sense of fun, relaxation and most of all adventure.


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