Gone Walkabout.co is a husband and wife operated Independent online business. Their love of adventure flows in the blood whether diving in it, jumping off or out of it, hiking up it, or skiing down it, they have experienced it. From Europe to the Amazon, the Aussie outback to Nepal and beyond. It was these adventures that inspired them to supply the best quality products as used by them.

With all the big camping, hiking suppliers, most hold a large range of products in stocks however they can’t be expected to be experts on the whole range. Even with their buying power it doesn’t necessarily mean they offer the best value for your money. The reality is they all have huge overheads with premises costs, stock outlay and staff. This creates a gap in the market allowing small businesses like ours to flourish”. Say’s John

With this in mind they want to offer you a couple of products to start. This will allow them to specialize in a niche area. Being solely online they have low overheads so can pass the savings on to you the customer.

The Buzz

Tree Saver Straps Why?
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As campers, hikers and just good old nature lovers of our beautiful, ruggedly stunning Aussie outdoors we all want to leave as little impact on the environment as possible.   … Read More

In the begining
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In the Beginning……. Where did the Hammock Originate? Many anthropologists believe that the hammock dates back some 1,000 years to Central America, where the Maya and other indigenous peoples crafted … Read More

Why we love our Hammocks
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We here at GONE WALKABOUT love our hammocks. Now we aren’t saying that hammock camping is better then tent camping but it does make for a change and it certainly … Read More